The Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS) brings together 16 colleges and universities of the Canadian francophonie, located outside Quebec. The CNFS offers numerous health training courses in French in eight Canadian provinces.

Health Canada's support, in addition to the funds invested by the provinces to assist in the training of health professionals, enables CNFS member institutions to increase the number of front-line health professionals able to offer health services to Francophones living in minority situations.

Teaching active offer

Active offer training is an important component of the health training programs targeted by the CNFS.

The active offer consists of offering, from the first meeting, health services in both official languages. For members of French-speaking minority communities, the active offer represents a first step towards access to health services in French.

Discover the resources available to you to incorporate active offer into your teaching.

The Carrefour de l’offre active (COA) provides teaching resources to help you teach active offer.