The Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS) brings together 16 colleges and universities of the Canadian francophonie, located outside Quebec. The CNFS offers numerous health training courses in French in eight Canadian provinces.

Why the CNFS?

Members of french-speaking communities in minority situations do not always have equitable access in French to health services they need.

Colleges and universities members of the CNFS are granted funds from Health Canada to train more front-line health professionnals able to offer services in French to Francophones in minority situations.

Are you studying in a health training course supported by the CNFS?

Here are resources for you


Progress towards the success of my internship

This workshop helps you understand the components of an internship, your role and many other important factors. You will have the necessary tools to succeed in your internship and will be aware of the importance of proactively offering health services in French.

Prepare yourself to get involved - oversee an internship

Now that you are finishing your study program, discover these training modules on supervision.

The health training programs
supported by the CNFS

Explore the health training programs offered by CNFS member institutions.

National award for student commitment to active offer

This award recognizes the exceptional commitment of CNFS students to the active offer of health services in French.

To be eligible, you must:

Study in a post-secondary health training program targeted by the CNFS
Have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency
Have a main home address outside Quebec
Not have won the CNFS Award or the CNFS National Excellence Scholarship in the past.

To submit your application, vous must:

Download and complete the nomination form
Write a cover letter (consult evaluation criteria)

Send all documents by e-mail to your school's CNFS coordinator.

Please be aware that you cannot apply if you have already won the award in the past.

The application period is closed for the year 2023.


Do you know the active offer?

The active offer consists of offering, from the first meeting, health services in both official languages. For members of French-speaking minority communities, the active offer represents a first step towards access to health services in French.


The carrefour de l'offre active!

This website was designed to support CNFS student in learning the active offer concepts.

The active offer certification exam

The mastery of active offer skills is becoming increasingly sought-after by employers in the healthcare sector. You have access to training and an exam that will enable you to obtain a certificate attesting to your skills in active offer.