The Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS) brings together 16 colleges and universities of the Canadian francophonie, located outside Quebec. The CNFS offers numerous health training courses in French in eight Canadian provinces.

Health Canada's support, in addition to the funds invested by the provinces to assist in the training of health professionals, enables CNFS member institutions to increase the number of front-line health professionals able to offer health services to Francophones living in minority situations.

You are a healthcare professionnal supervising students?

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CNFS – Glendon Campus Section:

National program to recognize and promote internship supervisors in CNFS-targeted health training programs

The success of students in CNFS-supported health training programs would not be possible without the contribution and commitment of internship supervisors.

The national program to recognize and promote internship supervisors was created to officially recognize the exceptional contribution of these individuals to the training of the next generation of healthcare professionals and the active offer of healthcare services in French.

This program has two levels of recognition.

Honorary distinction - Recognition of the contribution of supervisors in programs targeted by the CNFS

The CNFS sections of member establishments select a supervisor who has demonstrated commitment and dedication to supervising trainees in each of their health training programs. These people are awarded the honorary distinction of supervision. The award includes:
A recognition certificate issued by the national secretariat of the CNFS/ACUFC;
Inclusion on a honor roll.

CNFS national award of internship supervision — Recognition and appreciation of commitment to training the next generation of professionals

CNFS national award of internship supervision is presented to a supervisor who was awarded the honorary distinction and who has made an outstanding contribution to internship supervision and active offer. This award includes:
A $1,000 bursary for a continuing education or language improvement course offered by a CNFS member institution;
An honorary certificate awarded by Health Canada and l’ACUFC;
Inclusion on a honor roll.

Discover the exceptional supervisors on the Internship Supervision Honor Roll.

CNFS Active Offer

Active offer consists of providing health services in both official languages from the very first encounter. For French-speaking minority communities, active offer represents a first step towards access to health services in French.

Visit the CNFS Carrefour de l’offre active to learn more about the impact of language barriers and the importance of actively offering health services in both official languages.