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Explorez nos trois portails qui offrent des outils incontournables pour vous aider
à prodiguer des soins de santé de qualité aux communautés francophones minoritaires. Dites français et ça va déjà mieux!

Dites françaisL'offre active, c'est
présenter, au premier contact, ses services dans la langue de la clientèle, avec confiance et conviction. Dire « français », c'est ouvrir la porte.



About Us

The CNFS – An exceptional strategic alliance

The CNFS is a Canada-wide umbrella organization bringing together 11 university and college educational institutions which deliver training programs in various health disciplines in French, as well as regional partners who facilitate and promote access to these training programs. The CNFS’ National Secretariat, located in Ottawa, plays a leadership, development and coordination role in planning and realizing the Consortium’s objectives.

This exceptional strategic alliance results in increased numbers of Francophone health professionals and researchers whose impact improve the quality of French language health services tailored to Francophone minority communities. The CNFS is thus making a significant contribution to these communities’ wellness and development across the country.

Our results since 2003

  • Over 9,600 enrolments in healthcare programs supported by the CNFS and over 4,900 graduates from these programs;
  • 100 health programs delivered in French and supported by the CNFS, including 65 new programs and 35 existing programs that have been strengthened through the CNFS’s investments and implementation;
  • Based on an analysis of the placement of the CNFS’s 2006-2007 and 2008-2009 graduates, we know that:
  • 86% of graduates from programs supported by the CNFS are working for health facilities and agencies serving Francophones in minority situations and 79% of them are working in their province or region of origin.
  • For more information about our most recent initiatives and results, please consult the CNFS Annual Report 2013-2014(in French only).