About Us

The CNFS – An exceptional strategic alliance

The CNFS is a pan-Canadian group of 11 universities and colleges that offer French-language education in various health disciplines, as well as regional partners that facilitate access to these training programs across the country. Since April 1, 2015, the CNFS has been operating under the umbrella of the Association des collèges et universités de la francophonie canadienne (ACUFC). The CNFS contributed greatly to the creation of the ACUFC and has retained its corporate identity and operational model within the new association.

This exceptional alliance improves access to quality French-language healthcare services tailored to the needs of Francophone minority communities by increasing the number of professionals able to offer these services. In this way, the CNFS contributes significantly to the wellness and development of these communities across the country.

Our results since 2003

  • More than 10,908 students enrolled in CNFS-supported programs, and more than 5,126 graduates from these programs
  • 100 CNFS-supported health programs delivered in French, including 66 new programs and 34 existing programs that have been strengthened through the CNFS’s investments and implementation

Based on a placement analysis of the CNFS’s 2006-2007 and 2008-2009 graduates, we know that: